It didn’t begin as a job. It began because of people.

The Library of Kept Things

The Library of Kept Things: a looming, brutalist block of concrete and indecipherable crenelations.

Time to Leave

Everything that I write comes true. Everything about people.

To the Forest

She had a fantasy as a child: an empty city, a world of abandoned skyscrapers where she was free to live in solitude.


It was easier when I was a child. Everyone reached the floating islands, everyone could throw up their chains, climb, and look into a world that was someone’s mental formations made manifest.


We used to talk about your bonsai. They were young trees, and we’d talk about your dreams of what they would be.


I eventually named her Cassandra. At first she was small enough to be that spider in the corner, the one with black widow vibes.


Horror’s warning came in the stream’s reflection while Protector bathed.


There is just us two. I read your mind using tools.


You discover that going to university is both better and worse than invisibility. It improves your parents: they are cities away and out of your life — but, unfortunately, there are other people you have to interact with.


Ilsa packed two suitcases: the first for her clothes, the second for her journals.

Moving on

An early change was going freelance: I could slowly shift my work to evenings and nights, to the sunless time.

Movable Type

The Nobleman was intrigued by news of mechanical printing, so it pleased Henry to offer a tour of his workshop.


Leonard knew that things were worse when the rats screeched in their cage and rattled the bars.


Her sister’s call to help pack up the old family house meant that Hanna had to take a two hour flight to come “home”.

Life Lost

My therapist says, “Don’t hold on so tight.” By this she means to my memories of you.

The Librarian

It was understood that the Librarian was still alive.


This is how you leave a place.

A Witch's Sorrow

It’s been 40 years since I was last here at your grave.

At the Fountain's Verge

At the ball, Gwendoline eventually found Gennifer, who was dressed in a Corvid’s mask, but her voice and manner still gave her away.