By Constance Ada Neeser

I'm a full-stack software designer, working mostly with Java & JavaScript & HTML. I'm a queer woman in tech. I write, roleplay, and tell stories, as hobbies.


Corrupted friends

He was asked to come to the temple to record their beliefs, to ensure their truth would be remembered and shared.

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Latest fiction
Decorative tiles

Liberated Dissonance

Plants grow from between the tiles. Their little stalks have broken through the grouting and sprouted, looking like a rainforest of moss and tree in miniature.

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A doorway, leading to a passage


Occasionally, when walking through the passages, one of the doors she would try might be locked. The next, though — that would open.

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Connie's Little Bits of Fiction

I write flash fiction and have a small podcast available in multiple places, including Spotify


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