I’m a senior software engineer at BrandsEye where I’ve worked since 2012. We focus on opinion mining and sentiment analysis from social media posts and tweets. Our main work engine is a crowd-sourcing platform that we use to obtain accurate data for our work.

I’ve work on a wide range of things in this position, from building and maintaining our servers using Chef, creating a range of micro-services using Grails and Spring Boot (including converting monolithic apps to use a service-oriented architecture), to front-end Javascript work for single-page web-apps. Part of my role also has me manage and mentor other people on the dev team.

We have a lot of data to investigate, and I’ve got to use my visualisation and mathematics / statistics experience to design and implement our data-visualisation dashboards, and to work on some statistical proofs and machine learning problems.

You can find some of the work related software libraries I’ve worked on here.